Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've always had a fascination with and been drawn to water. I grew up on the San Joaquin delta, was in the Sea Scouts as a teen, had a brief stint at the Maritime Academy (where I earned my Mrs. Degree)and spent the summers of my childhood either in my aunt's pool or on in the sloughs of the delta. My name is Donna Lynn and according to my mother, this means "lady of the water." So I think I come by my water fascination honestly. Seems like where ever I go, I tend to find some body of water to photograph.

This was in Mammoth, on one of our hikes.

This is at one of my favorite spots in the Mammoth area. It's a sweet little site with quaint cabins and a very cute general store. At the top of this babbling little fall is an awesome pond, where you can see the fish happily swimming around. To my husband and nephews dismay, there is also a "no fishing" sign posted in plain sight.

Now, my husband's fascination with water mostly has to do with waterfalls. He and his brother decided that they needed to hike and touch the back of these falls. I was only slightly freaked out -- until he got me to go most of the way with him (til I chickened out!) and felt the spray on my face and then I totally understood his desire to touch the falls.

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