Tuesday, September 7, 2010

George and Maime

One of our favorite places at Mammoth is Lake George.  Yes, that is Snow you see on this mountain.  Yes, we were there in late August. 

The crisp COLD air, makes for beautiful blue skies.  So I'll bring my jacket.  Good trade-off.

I'm sitting, reading a book, while the guys are fishing.  Every once in awhile, I look up and see another beautiful Mammoth view.

Then we went over to Lake Maime. 

And I, of course, found water falls!

I went exploring -- just like when we were kids, climbing on the rocks to get to the water.

I took Logan and his buddy Adrian with me.

We got in trouble.  I don't think my husband knows about the Mountain Goat side of me.  We were fine!

And we were richly rewarded for our efforts!

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