Saturday, January 8, 2011

LA Zoo

Over the Holidays it's a tradition for my husband's family to come stay with us for the week of Christmas.  It's such a wonderful time filled with laughter, friendship and at times, adventure.  

This year we took my 7 year old nephew to the LA Zoo

And since I have been there before, I knew to take my camera!  Look closely and you'll see the alligator tail in this photo. (hint..bottom right, next to the rock.)


This is part of the swan  habitat.  Very beautiful animals!

The Animals at LA Zoo usually pose very nicely. 

So much Hollywood in them

This beautiful one seems to be looking in her reflection in the water. 

Grandpa Cotton's Lady Love, Mary, loves Giraffe's so we had to get a few good shots of these lovelies! 
I'm jealous of  the eyelashes!
This tree was in the Giraffe area.  It has such the look of a wise old tree that has been around a very long time and has seen many things.

And since our oldest daughter LOVES elephants (or as she used to say, elephantans) we had to visit them as well.

The tigers were so beautiful.  It was dinner time, so they were restless.  Even with my camera on action mode and then sports mode, I couldn't get a good shot!  This one really shows how beautiful she is.  Very intent.

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