Sunday, October 16, 2011


This year we were fortunate enough to be invited to Tahoe with my best girlfriend and a bunch of other wonderful people.  We had an amazing time!

This is the cabin.  So rustic and quaint.

This was the view as you walked out the back of the cabin.  Right onto the lake!  Just beautiful!

A shot out the window of the living room

This is Prospect Lake where Kelly and the rest of the boys went fishing.  The girls stayed home and made jam. 
 Waaaay fun!

 The pier and our little dinghy.

An idyllic scene in the yard...

Our last day there, we joined everyone else out on the deck to watch the sunrise.  Now we know why everyone was up that early every day, though they have been going to the cabin for years.  

 We went the long way home and enjoyed some spots on the way...

Super neat old bridge and waterfall.  Just majestic.

These are two of my favorite shots...taken with my cell phone (my camera had died)  Quite surprised at the quality, but very pleased!

 Can't wait to be invited again next year!

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